In this project, combining stop motion animation with sound composition, the viewer witnesses the process of the creation of a sentient machine.  The animation portrays a combination of the vulnerability of the artistic creating process, the effect of the creator on the work, and the reciprocating relationship there-in. Often in the artistic process the creator feels a need to create to release emotion, stress, or the pressures of their environment. What happens then when this need translates to a work that is aware of itself and move beyond being a receptacle for an artist’s drive. NFGE shows this relationship and awareness by repeating the pressures of negative conditioning on the creator in the form of programming that the creator “gives” to the AI. Since this programming terminology underlines the dangerous and poisonous components of the AI’s construction it becomes aware of the poisonous nature of itself, and upon causing harm to the creator, choses to unplug itself. Integration of organic, mechanical, and electrical sounds combined with animation principals from “The Illusion of Life, Disney Animation”. By Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston give life and unique personality to the AI and strengthen the message of projection.  These sounds and animation principals highlight the cycle taking place through the artistic creation process to the pain caused by the creation and into the AI’s choice to self-destruct. The cycle addresses directly the cause and effect of the creator and creation in this process and also becomes an implied commentary on the effect of the real world environment on the creator.   

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