In this work, I used four re-edited videos from the 1940s and 1950s to create a new video as a statement of current American perspective on immigration and our responsibility as Americans to engage the issue. Sourcing the videos from was a great way to use videos from the realm of creative commons but also an avenue to show how time can affect the cultural perspective. Using video and information generated shortly after World War II by American governmental agencies and Encyclopedia Britannica concerning immigration, economics, and psychology the difference of this information to current evaluations becomes clear. I chose to root these differences in imagery of the Statue of Liberty and immigration flow animations then link the two with sound from a psychology educational video to address both my responsibility as an artist discussing the issues and the responsibilities of all Americans concerning legislation perspective. The added connections of transition within the immigration clips shows the connections between the origin of America and the absurdity of not acknowledging how vital immigration was to that origin. The title of Suppression is meant to add the question of “How did we get to be here”? Is this solely a projection of an elite few intending to suppress ideas different than their own? Or are we too responsible for suppressing our own concerns in order to avoid the issues?

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