This project was intended to be a playful exploration of personal property in copyright law and parallels of personal perspective in the critique of works by other artists. Using chromakeying techniques, film editing, and archived art works, I wanted to experiment with questions of “Where does the work begin and end?” and therefore “Who’s (or what) work is actually being critiqued?” I chose a playful setting by emulating a parody Rifftrax (Mystery Science Theater 3000) project in hopes of pursing the questions of evaluating other(s) work and the different perspectives there-in. It was important when developing this idea that I find a way to address the “value” of any given part without directly critiquing the works, so instead of using the pieces as offerings to the sarcasm or comedy scripting of the parody projects I instead used the chosen works from the archive as components contributing to the theme. By changing the theme to a character being stuck in a museum rather than a satellite I moved the conversation from science fiction (or film works pre-perceived as “bad”) to academic art (or artworks evaluated to be valuable). From this change, developed an interesting conversation about the different perspectives inside the art world and how these different perspectives evaluate the works of artists. I also believe this allowed me a setting in which I can add my own vulnerability to the project by participating directly in the film and offering myself up to the same critique, so I decided to title the work MST6.06K as it added my initials (which happen to be the same as the Rifftrax work.)

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