With this sound composition within Audacity I wanted to use a group of audio files I collected during conversations with conversing AIs to address the possible ramifications of human projection unto their creations. Within the conversation of “Robo Renga”, an interesting conversation was held about the preconceived notion within human creators that, as a human construct, creations must have a darker intent that mirrors their human makers. I wanted to explore the irony that as creators we “combat” this notion with making the creations even more human or more human than human. By splitting the channels within the stereo recording I hoped to both separate the human participant from the artificial participant and allow for a playback method that brings the connection of the mind-body problem within discussions about robots into the conversation solely by the machine or equipment used to play the sound composition. By spatially associating a mechanical component or image of artificial persons with the location of the AI sound channel I both play on the concept of the participants involvement and the illusions created within our own human perspective linking them within the space where they need not be connected or could be connected without proximity. This connection also suggests an intent, within the artwork itself, as an experiment of behavior and form rather than an execution of one over the other.

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