Sound kitchen is a sound portrait composition intended to portray all the complicated emotion, technology, personality, and flavor that takes place when cooking in a kitchen. The kitchen as a space necessarily combines all these components to form a flavorful outcome, such as a meal, or more fully, a dining experience. Since this outcome becomes more than something to eat, and rather, a full, shared experience by all whom contribute, wash dishes, cook, eat, or just enjoy the company it is important to portray all these components within the soundscape. Much like John Cage uses his knowledge in musical composition to compose elements of random chance into his compositions, I intend to map the sound(s) of a kitchen and its contributors to emotion and action. Starting with the everlasting white noise that takes place inside a kitchen, adding elements of heating sound, preparation work, and cook personality composed in way to represent the soundscape itself as a timed recipe. Combining the soundscape to both a group dining experience and a smoky smell association helps to pull the listener into the experience wholly rather than only hearing its parts. The choice of fusion noodle bowls also strengthens this relationship as the recipes is like the soundscape in its composition of different (possibly foreign) ingredients that unify into a flavorful experience. The group also participates in the preparation and even if it is the simplest of functions or just a question about the execution they are drawn into being a part of the experience. A grilled component in the dining experience allows for the connection to the smoky smell brought back during playback (and remixing/re-experiencing) of the sound kitchen. 

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