As an interdisciplinary artist, my work includes sculpture, video, virtual reality, or augmented reality experiences, electronic artifacts, and installations. I use materials, media, and dated or new technologies to reflect on how we create value structures and the effect this has on our communities and environment.  I am interested in combining my personal views on how artists and professionals categorize materials, with social commentary on the sub-grouping of people, perspectives, or social issues. Using this relationship, I intend to emphasize parallels between the restricting of expression through material association and the over generalization of subculture ideologies.
As cultural perspectives evolve with technologies, power structures, and community, there is a need to notice the correlations between these perspectives throughout time. In my work, this process always begins with self-awareness and facilitating the viewer’s ability to explore their own point of view. Through this reflection I intend to move into questions of personal responsibility via exploration of unavoidable attribution biases.  “In what way do I contribute?” rather than the more common view of projected accountability “How/Why do others contribute?”
My work resides at the intersection between expression, philosophy, psychology, and technology. This liminal space nurtures an exploration unfiltered by the certainty of projected value structures. A space where we can call ourselves to action rather than being prompted by inherited struggle. When these paths intersect, I hope to show both positive and negative correlational relationships more fundamental and authentic than our own developed identities within them.

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